Pauline Libutti - Fine Art Collection
Hello, my name is Pauline Libutti….Welcome to my website.

My passion for painting started in 2007.  In the past, I painted mostly ceramics in between, working, and taking care of my family. It was my relax time to get away from the norm — and beautify my surroundings.

I escaped into a garden of colors and embraced the emotion that beauty ignites based on the colors of my emotional needs. When I start a painting, I feel I’m outside myself, but during the process I seem to move inside the painting.  Every stroke of my painting is the next word I might speak or the next breath of life I take.  I hope to bring that feeling to all that see my creative work.  My personal mission and goal is to achieve a feast imagery and color for the public eye.

The fulfilling part of my artwork is watching the image surface and then come alive with the stroke of the paint brush creating colors, hues and detail.  To me the brush is like a little magic wand that covers a once plain surface to spawn a life of its own.  It’s so rewarding and  satisfying when someone is inspired by my work – and reaches out with kind words and compliments.  I love what I do now and that to me is quite an achievement to be recognized.

Please browse around and see what might resonate and inspire you with colors, images, and beauty.

If you have a special piece in mind or would like an original pet portrait of one of your animal friends, please contact me here.